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Left to right: Betty Jacobs, Marna Huber, Al Gallo, Pat Gale, Jack Whittpenn, Eleanor Caldecott, Fred Whittet, Kathy Tonkel, Raynor Reavis, Laurel Hoffman, Julie Collart, Bill Mecca, Lil Cornett, Caryn Llewellyn, John O’Neill, Liz Crowther, Doug Alexander, Charlene Friedman, Ted Miller, Dale Jacobs, Maureen Kahrmann, Linda Kilander-Kouns and Grant Withers.


Not pictured: Don Brouillette, Ed Cortez, Diane DeFrancisci, Helen Evans, Mike Evans, Ed Friedman, Ginny Hall, Bill Hamlin, Maureen Kane, Jocelyn Kastenbaum, Pete Lake, Peter Pattengill, Mary Alice Pojanowski, Michael Spence, and Tina Wilcox.

e-Clmpact Training for GHCOP Philanthropy Team Volunteers Takes Place


Have you ever wondered how Grand Harbor Community Outreach’s hard working and dedicated Philanthropy Team reviews its many Grant requests?  Well, as it turns out, it is a very detailed and thorough process.


All non-profit agencies applying for a GHCOP grant are required to complete an on-line application using a system called e-CImpact.  The application requires detailed information about the agency, the grant request, financial information and governance issues.  GHCOP partners with United Way and John’s Island Community Service League in its use of the program.  The program was developed by an outside contractor and is used extensively by most United Way agencies in the U.S. plus many other non-profits.


Agencies receive training, as needed, on how to enter information and all Philanthropy Team members receive training on how to access the grant application and the Evaluation Form. Site Team members use the detailed Evaluation Form to note their comments and evaluation of the agency following their site visit.


All 32 site team members are invited to attend one of three new or refresher e-CImpact training sessions.  The most recent session was held December 5th and was led by Nate Bruckner of United Way.  Dale Jacobs, VP Philanthropy, and Liz Crowther, Co-Chair Philanthropy, assisted Nate.


As shown in the photos everyone attending brings a computer or tablet and has a “Hand-On” session for a complete understanding of the system. As our numerous Grant requests are received, this team begins the vetting process using e-Clmpact along with site visits assuring that your generous donations reach those meeting our philanthropy guidelines.