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Outrageous Outreach Olympics

was held on Friday, April 8, 2017 at the Grand Harbor Clubhouse

On a sunny Friday afternoon in April the rear lawn of the club was converted into a carnival... a thank you party for donors, volunteers and sponsors of Grand Harbor Community Outreach. Free popcorn, sno-cones and soda, wacky miniature golf, blind corn-hole games, model sailboat races, drones zooming overhead and just a lot of laughs.


One highlight of this fun afternoon was the Rubber Chicken Catapult game which featured a giant sling shot launching rubber chickens 50 feet in the air over a net into a basket yanked by teammates, often in different directions.  Right next door on the first hole of the River Course, was the blind-folded Grand Prix as golf cart drivers attempted (with little success) to perform time trials on a serpentine course thru the checkered flags. This game reminded many of us of our spouses or backseat drivers giving directions, (“Turn here, hard left, NO, hard right, go faster, much slower...don’t over steer! On no” Crash!!)


Then the culmination of the afternoon was the Dunk Tank... the victims were mostly Grand Harbor Club Management... Robert (Interum Club Manager), Joe, (Director of Golf)  Cheryl (Director of Events), Tony (IT Manager) and Robbie (Dining Room Manager) were all good sports. Members and Grand Harbor staff alike fired yellow softballs at the target to the taunts of the dunkees! If the balls missed the mark or the seat didn’t release, a little manual help ensured that all got wet !!


The Outrageous Outreach Olympics was a fun way to end a very successful 2017-18 fund raising season for the Grand Harbor Community Outreach Program.


Maureen Kahrmann & Suzanne Sweeny, Co-Chairs